7 Foods to Combat Stress and Anxiety

Whether chronic or generated by any transient situation, stress is an evil that exhausts the sufferer mentally and physically. Above all, it can have repercussions on the immune system and diminish our defenses, making us vulnerable to various diseases. Although the key to ending stress is to discover its origin, on our day-to-day, we can combat it by means of a diet that contains certain vitamins and minerals that help to counteract the adrenaline segregated by this evil, like those that help in the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for the feeling of well-being.

Today, we will tell you about 7 foods where you can find these substances.

1. Citrus fruit

To produce adrenaline, vitamin C is needed. When adrenaline levels rise during periods of stress, a greater amount of vitamin C is required to supplement the adrenaline that has been expended. That is why it is important to consume foods rich in vitamin C like oranges, lemons, kiwis andpeppers, among others.

2. Dark green vegetables and yellow fruits

Another way to boost the immune system is by eating large amounts of foods rich in beta-carotene (the pigment that is transformed into vitamin A), such as yellow ones – like orange, and dark green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus and cabbage.

3. Lean meats and lentils

In situations of permanent stress, the protein needs of the organism increase as there is a downturn of the immune system and we must try to keep the defenses at a high level to avoid diseases. It is therefore important to include fish, chicken, turkey, lean red meat – with less fat – eggs, milk and lentils in our diet. The magnesium in lentils is a great relaxer.

4. Yogurt and oats – great contribution of serotonin!

Natural yogurt helps to regenerate the intestinal flora and favors the production of serotonin, the hormone that is closely related to the regulation of our moods and sleep. Thus, yogurt favors a real, replenishing rest, and control over our level of stress. Meanwhile, oats (like other carbohydrate-rich foods, but much healthier) perform the same function, but they take time to digest, so their effect is longer lasting.

5. Chocolate

Multiple studies guarantee that eating a small amount of dark chocolate a day (40 to 50 grams) reduces stress levels and generates a great sense of tranquility. Also, keep in mind the great amount of antioxidants that chocolate contains. Of course, do not abuse this product, as it also has many calories.

6. Tea infusions and milk before bed

Chamomile tea, valerian tea, lemon grass tea or a glass of milk before bed are the best allies against stress during your nighttime rest. They help reduce anxiety levels significantly and replenish the body to start the next day well.

7. Red wine

A glass of red wine a day helps prevent depression, control anxiety and reduce stress. Wine improves blood circulation by lowering blood pressure. Drinking 2 to 7 glasses a week, according to studies, is the key to making this alcoholic drink an ally against these evils.

While consuming the products we have cited helps to combat stress, the basis of everything is food. That’s why, most of the times, you need personalized advice to improve your eating habits, to establish a correct diet and to educate your body to consume products beneficial to your health in the long term.

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