5 Things You Need to Do in Your Life

We are all mortal, and as one well-known character from The Master and Margarita once said, “sometimes unexpectedly mortal.” Therefore, every one of us at least once asked ourselves the question of what we should do in our life, so that it does not seem empty and meaningless. It is useless to give a universal recipe that suits everyone. Such a recipe cannot exist at all, since we are all individual. But to list some of the items that are mandatory is still worth it, because they will help you develop your unique life plan.

1. Create a family

Despite modern trends in the switching to free relations outside marriage, the family remains the most important component in the life of each person. Having created a family and having had children, you will continue our human race. Speaking in science language, you can extend the existence of your genes into the next generation, and this is a very important task. Many will argue that, for the continuation of the family, you don’t need to marry or get married, but the continuation of the genes is not only about fertilization, but also the upbringing of the offspring, and this is best done in a complete and prosperous family.

2. Help people

Think about how many people during your life you can help or could’ve helped disinterestedly. Most likely, the figure will not impress you. Therefore, try to help more people, without taking anything in exchange. This is primarily for you, because even if you are the most fanatical atheist, at the threshold of death, you will think about what the good things you have done are and balance them against your sins.

3. Leave something behind

What does a person leave on Earth after death, except for children? The answer is quite simple, a person after death leaves behind their memory. The problem is that these memories last not very long, and to prolong this memory, one has to do something substantial. For example, write a good book, of course, if you have the talent for it, or to create a great computer program, if you are a programmer. In general, you need to do what you know best, so that future generations will remember you.

4. Travel

There are many beautiful places in the world that you should see with your own eyes. Don’t you agree that it would be insulting to die having seen nothing more than your city or country? Travel and do not listen to those who say that everything can be seen for free on the TV or on the Internet. Virtual travels differ from real ones, as a plastic orange differs from the real fruit. In addition to that, the passion for traveling will motivate you to earn money and learn new languages.

5. Find the job of your dreams

If you had worked as a postman all your life and, in the end, found out that you are a talented artist, imagine how offended you will be by the time spent working in the wrong place. Therefore, try yourself constantly in different spheres of life. Do not get hung up on one thing. Imagine how pleasant it would be for you to discover new talents within yourself. There are no talentless people, there are only people who could not find their talent.

This list can go on indefinitely, because our life is very diverse and multifaceted. And your task is to follow the above five points, not to stop, and to have great achievements!

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