17 Tips for Dealing with Rude People

We are accustomed to courtesy from childhood. However, adults can’t always convey their point of view without resorting to rudeness. This can be encountered anywhere, and rudeness immediately confuses people and does not give them the opportunity to instantly reflect on the verbal attack.

In this article, you will learn 17 tips on how to properly and quickly respond to rude people.

Rules of Behavior on the Road

Rude people on the road are not uncommon. Cutting people off, steering your car such that other drivers can’t pass, screaming, sometimes even fighting – these are only a few of the unpleasant situations that you can face when going to work or to shop by car. Here, it is important to follow several tips that can not only protect you from aggressive behavior, but also preserve your health:

1. The “sleeping” driver

You thought about something, skipped the traffic light signal and now, from all sides, you can hear the horns and screams. In this case, it is important to calm down and continue to move. If, however, you are in the position of victim and not perpetrator, you should show patience and flash your headlights at the unlucky driver several times.

2. Time is money

Remember this every time you encounter someone on a narrow road. It is better to let the rude driver feel like a winner than to be late for work and spoil your mood.

3. Collision

You sometimes can’t solve a problem with words, so if the other driver is clearly set to use their fists, you should close in your car and, if possible, capture all their actions with your mobile phone. Yes, it may be that you are a professional boxer, but think about whether it will be possible later to prove you did not start the fight. It is better to signal the conflict situation to the other people in traffic and call the police.

4. After the conflict

To get rid of an unpleasant after-effect, it’s better not to shut yourself up. Call someone, complain just to vent. Believe us, you will immediately feel better.

5. Relax

If the world suddenly turned gray and the inferior driving skills of other drivers have begun to piss you off, do the following: get out of the car, take a deep breath, or even do a couple of exercises (not in traffic though!).

Rules of Behavior at Work

As a rule, the victims of rudeness here are usually subordinates, and even timid attempts to respond can lead to a demotion. However, blindly ignoring the bosses’ attacks also does not improve the situation. Here are several tips on how to deal with it:

1. Do not try to argue or excuse yourself. Pretend that you agree with the criticism of your superiors and you will try to fix everything.

2. Try to calmly explain that it is difficult for you to react when others shout at you.

3. Anger and interrupting your interlocutor is not the best way to calm the situation.

4. Be polite. Do not be rude in response, it is better to tell your boss that their opinion is extremely important to you and to offer to calmly discuss what exactly does not suit them. Believe us, this will be reassuring to them.

Sassy Sellers

Sometimes we may face a rude waiter, salesman or cashier. Such people are just trying to grow in their own eyes, so don’t seriously bother about such an attitude, since it is not worth it. Just follow a few tips:

1. Speak with common phrases. Focus on the fact that all people are different and everyone has different tastes. You do not have to like what you are offered in the restaurant or cafe.

2. Complain. Feel free to call the manager or store owner to solve the infringement of your rights, it will many times cool off the employee.

A Few More Recommendations

1. Do not let yourself be pushed into a social framework. No matter how different your statuses are, you have the right to demand respect.

2. Control yourself. The loss of control will cause you to descend to the level of your rude opponent, and that wouldn’t be a good look. Do not shout, do not gesticulate too much.

3. Pity them. Mostly, people can’t be rude because of a good life. Try to show compassion to this person, then their attacks will, most likely, immediately lose their sharpness.

4. Smile, laugh, joke. Have a sense of humor, it should disarm even the rudest person.

5. Try to understand. Talk to them. Try to find out the cause of their outbreak of anger, ask about their affairs. Such care can cause the rude person to regret their unworthy behavior.

6. Be self-confident. It is very difficult to touch a person who does not care what people say about them.

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